Jet Stream 500 - Customer Project Examples

Aircraft Research Association contacted Interactive Instruments to purchase a Jet Stream 500 wind tunnel to demonstrate the different components of a working wind tunnel. Students were required to re-assemble the Jet Stream 500 wind tunnel as part of their instruction to understand each component and why they are necessary. ARA is based in the United Kingdom and understands wind tunnels, they provide research knowledge for many aviation projects including the Joint Strike Fighter (F35).

Aircraft Research Association Press Release

Orbital ATK demonstrated their Jet Stream 500 wind tunnel at the Chandler Science Spectacular in Arizona. They mounted a model of the Pegasus rocket and demonstrated the Wind tunnel to a crowd of more than 3000 children and adults, giving the public a glimpse at what they do. Orbital ATK is a global leader in aerospace and defence technologies, their main product include launch vehicles and related propulsion systems.

Orbital ATK Press Release

Cody Harris, an 8th grade Student at Hartford Magnet Middle School in Connecticut and he used the Jet Stream 500 to evaluate his hypothesis about minimizing aerodynamic drag on model rockets. His report "Is NASA's rocket design always right" evaluates his study in a scientific manor. Cody received the highest scored project grade in his grade (109/100) and won 3rd place in 8th grade physical science at the 2006 Connecticut Science Fair. He also received an application for the Discovery Channel Youth Science Challenge and has been accepted. Cody also went on to receive an award of recognition from the Office of Naval Research on behalf of the US Navy and US Marine Corps of Engineers.

Cody also entered in the Hartford City-wide science fair and took First Place in the 7th and 8th grade physical science category. He received a trophy and a $500 savings bond.

NASA Rocket Design Report - Cody Harris

Eric Mueller of Granbury Texas, a 9th grader studying the effects of icing on airfoils and how ice can modify the lift and drag characteristics. You can view Eric's report by clicking the link below.
Below are several photos of Eric's experiments.
Eric took First Place overall in his 9th grade Science Fair. His project also came in First Place for the entire 9th grade school district. Eric was invited to the regional Science Fair in Fort Worth Texas and he came home with the following awards.
Ft Worth Regional Science Fair 2003

Eric R. Mueller - Acton Middle School, Granbury, TX

Icing is such a drag - Eric Mueller

Adam Georgas of Mobile Alabama, a 15 year old student at Phillips Prep Magnet School is very interested in wind engineering. He used the Jet Stream 500 to study structural strengths of various shapes in high wind environments and presented the information at the county science fair in Mobile on February 19, 1999. Not only did Adam receive first place in physical science, but he received best of show in the junior division. In the regional science fair Adam came in first place in Math and Computers, won a first place award in Computers from QMS, and won an award from the Discovery Channel to participate in further competition. In the Alabama Science and Engineering fair Adam took home Second Place in Math and Computers and a First Place Army Grand Award, NASA, IEEE and Math Teachers.
We were so impressed with Adam's work we are displaying his work below.

3-D Geometry: Structural Design to Withstand Wind - Adam Georgas

Be sure to review John DeMar Web page (below) to see how the Jet Stream 500 was used to analyze model rockets. John is an Engineer with an interest in model rocketry and is a member of the National Association of Rocketry. John submitted his report on a Model Rocket Drag Analysis, using a Computerized Wind Tunnel in 1995 and received second place.

Model Rocket Drag Analysis - John DeMar

Jon Fichtelman of Vero Beach, Florida, a 9th grader who sent us a very impressive paper on principles of fluid dynamics on sports balls. Jon spent several years studying the effects with the help of NASA but after 9/11, access to professional wind tunnels was restricted. Jon is now using the Jet Stream 500 to finish his report and present the results in local and regional Science Fairs. In his report he discusses how can a baseball curve, why to golf balls have dimples and why are tennis balls fuzzy. These and other interesting questions are analyzed in Jon's report of the Fluid Mechanics of Sport Balls.

Below is a list of awards Jon has received as of 4/8/2002.

      Indian River Regional Science Fair Awards

  • 1st place senior category physics
  • Kodak award for photographic excellence
  • Deep Sky Technologies for good use of technology in a project
  • Grand Award senior division (Best overall project)
  • Robinson Award for best project at the fair
  • Bid to Florida state science and engineering fair - Lakeland, Florida April 10th - 13th
  • Bid to Intel International Science and Engineering Fair May 12th - 19th

Fluid Dynamics on Sports balls - Jon Fichtelman