Servo Electric Creep Controllers


Servo Controller and Driver PanelsThe Servo Electric Creep Controller is designed as a substitute for dead weightModel 5K Servo with Frame Stand creep stands, transforming them into a low cost  automated load stroke or strain controller system.  The controller interfaces with two of our load actuators for continuous loads up 5000 lb. and 10,000 lb.

The actuators can be mounted to our optional aluminum frame stand so you can get your test up and running quick and efficiently.  The frame is designed to adapt to your requirements allowing the actuator to be mounted above or below the testing area.  The adjustable frame stand can adapt to most autoclaves, ovens or custom chambers, the small 2'X2' footprint allows many test setups in tightly constrained laboratory space.

The Model 5K Servo actuator is capable of controlling tensile loads continuously up to 5000 lbs (temporarily to 7500 lbs) while our Model 10K actuator is capable of continuous loads up to 10,000 lbs.  Both actuators operate over a 3.25 inch stroke range and are capable of controlled rates between 1e-300"/min and 75"/min.

The control panel can be controlled manually or remotely to adjust the load, stroke or strain control point in real-time. A built-in waveform generator can be programmed to cycle or ramp the control point for hours, days or even months for unattended testing. Since the controller contains a closed loop digital PID controller, the control point is accurately managed in real time under a wide range of conditions.

Model 10K ActuatorThe servo control panel has an RS-232 serial and Ethernet port enabling a computer to have full control of the Servo controller for even more functionality. Languages such as LabVIEW, Visual Basic etc. can control the units operation while collecting data for long or short term data logging or real-time graphing. Custom computer based control panels can be developed to provide the required functionality for specific applications. Incorporating computer application programs to access and control the controller makes the Model 5K and Model 10K servo a truly flexible unit.

The short 28" height for the 5K frame and 32" for 10K frame allows it to be mounted under an existing table or test stand allowing unobstructed access above the work area. Pressure vessels, temperature and humidity chambers etc. can be mounted above the work area providing a wide range of controlled environments. With the load frame mounted virtually at any angle or orientation the 5K Servo adapts to a wide range of testing requirements.

Best of all the 5K and 10K Servo load frame does not require costly maintenance programs, special power requirements, dedicated location or expensive training like other materials testers.

Since the Servo controller is designed as a general purpose instrument, the uses are limitless. From creep testing to fatigue analysis, its functionality goes a long way.

Pricing starts under $30,000 for the Model 5K and under $37,000 for the Model 10K actuators.  The optional frame stand for either actuator is available starting at $6000.  More information is available from our FTP server at


  • Model 5K Maximum continuous load capacity is +5500 lb in tension (+7500 lb peak) and 2000 lb. compression
  • Model 10K Maximum continuous load capacity is +10,000 tension and 2000 lb compression
  • Maximum actuator stroke range is 3.25 inches
  • Maximum actuator rate is 75.0 inches per minute
  • High performance Brushless Servo motor for rugged long term reliability
  • Can be mounted in virtually any position
  • Power Requirements 120 Volts 5 amps peak, 2-3 amps nominal
  • Optional 220V 50Hz is also available
  • Model 5K Load actuator weight 150 lbs, controller and drive weight 30 lbs
  • Model 10K Load actuator weight 180 lbs, controller and drive weight 30 lbs
  • Model 5K Load frame height is only 28 inches
  • Model 10K Load frame height is only 32 inches
  • Load is measured via mounted pancake load cell or external S-beam load cell
  • Rack mountable servo drive and servo controller
  • Load resolution: 0.1 lbs., Stroke resolution: 0.00000763 inch
  • 2 adjustable internal amplifiers with external ports for remote data logging
  • Shunt calibration button is available for quick load cell verification
  • Analog load and strain is measured using a 16 bit analog to digital converter
  • Programmable digital filter ranges from 0.625 Hz to 80 Hz
  • Results are displayed in Metric or English or custom units
  • Remote operation and data collection using integrated RS-232 serial port up to 115K baud
  • Ethernet control and WEB monitoring
  • Waveform generator supports sine, square, triangle and havercycle functions
  • Cycle rates from 1e-300 Hz to 30 Hz (conditions permitting)
  • Ramp generator supports single, dual and trapezoid functions
  • Ramp rates from 1e-300 in/min or 1e-300 lbs/min or faster
  • LCD panel constantly displays load, stroke strain data in real time
  • Security key prevents unauthorized parameter modifications
  • Load control accuracy < 0.05% full scale
  • Stroke control accuracy < 0.0025% full scale
  • Adjustable digital PID control algorithm precisely maintains control point
  • Maximum actuator response rate is adjustable from 0.000001 to 75.0000 in/min
  • System parameters are stored in flash memory
  • Programmable max/min limits, loop limits and hard control stops
  • Analog data channels are scaled and offset to match any display units.
  • Fully programmable waveform and ramp controller with optional amplitude control
  • Control loop error can be monitored for excessive values with programmable actions
  • Programmable high and low limits with programmable actions
  • Programmable control stops to restrict feedback range
  • Overall and cycle peak monitors for each channel
  • Graphical application interface (LabVIEW, Visual Basic etc.) via serial or network
  • Windows applications are available to remotely control the system over the network
  • Apple iPhone/iPad apps are available for free to remotely monitor and control the system using WiFi.
  • 200 Mhz, ARM9 Controller with TS-Linux 2.4.26 Operating System
  • 32M RAM, 32M Flash Storage
  • 10/100 mbit Ethernet Port
  • Two USB 2.0 ports for software and parameter loading
  • 16 key keypad for local function selection and numerical entry
  • Audio Beeper and LED to signal operation status
  • 2 channel high speed 16 bit Analog to Digital converter
  • RS-232 serial interface adjustable to 230K baud
  • 4 line by 20 character LCD panel
  • High current Copley XPL Servo driver for smooth reliable control

All of Interactive Instruments systems and options have a one year warranty including Parts and Labor.