Interactive Strength Challenger Plus

Note: The ISC+ is out of production until further notice

The ISC+ is a new low cost materials/structure testing system that can compress or tensile up to 1250 lbs. with 0.1 lb. and 0.0001 inch resolution. Easy to use commands can control the system to pull metal specimens apart or compress structures to study their properties in a safe classroom environment.

An optional materials evaluation kit is available complete with various metal specimens, test adapter and Windows tensile software. Easily evaluate the elastic properties of aluminum, brass, copper and steel by smoothly stretching them apart and plot the results for comparison. The software analyzes the test results and graphically identifies important properties such as yield and break points and calculates the modulus of elasticity. A materials report can also be printed to document the test the same way the industry records test results today.

With the optional Windows software the unit can control structure loading and display the load vs. displacement data graphically. After the test completes, further analysis can be done to evaluate structure rigidity and compare two tests by overlaying graphs. The results can be imported into a spreadsheet for further analysis.


The ISC+ is THE most advanced and complete structure and materials testing system available for the classroom environment.


Note: When using USB to serial adaptors, we recommend using the brand "Cables To Go", Model #26886 for best results.





  • Solid aluminum construction with particle coat paint for rugged use
  • Total dimensions 31" - h, 21" - w, 8" - d
  • Total weight 60 lbs.
  • Computer generated and tested design
  • See through safety shield
  • Test area measures 10" - h, 12" - w, 6" - d
  • Measures both compression and tension to 1250.0 lbs. (0.1 lbs. resolution)
  • Measures contact tension to 0.5" and compression to 2.0". (.0001" resolution)
  • Variable platform rate from 0.00001 in/min to 3.50 in/min
  • Optional material adapters for various tests
  • Industrial 200 step high torque stepper motor with a 7.2 to 1 gear box
  • Microprocessor controlled for precise positioning and force control
  • Stepper controller configured for over 34000 micro steps per revolution
  • Force measured via 2 precision strain gages
  • Data is collected by a microprocessor with a 12 bit A/D converter
  • Displays test results in Metric or English units
  • Support for an graphical printer or computer
  • Easy to use software menu control to select various tests
  • Automatic, Incremental and Interactive tests supported
  • Compression or tension force control available in any test mode
  • Control panel plugs into the CHALLENGER for manual control
  • LCD panel constantly displays contact force and displacement in real time
  • Security key limits the CHALLENGER to supervised access
  • 24 MHz, 80C320 Microcontroller with 64k of ROM, 32K RAM
  • 11 channel, 12 bit A/D converter
  • RS 232 serial interface @ 9600 baud for optional computer control
  • 4 line by 20 character LCD panel with a 16 key keypad
  • Strain gages and amplifiers to measure the structure force
  • 34722 micro step per revolution stepper motor controller
  • Optional printer port for graphing force vs. displacement plots
  • Easy to use Windows™ graphical interface with built-in help
  • Graphically displays force (+/-) and spring constant with respect to displacement
  • Overlay graphical test results for quick comparison
  • Displays graphical results in Metric or English units
  • Data can be imported to most spreadsheets for further analysis
  • Quickly bolts onto unit for easy installation and removal
  • Accepts threaded or flat tensile specimens
  • Windows software graphically displays and analyzes test results